The Baby Plaque

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Twinkle twinkle little star do you know just how loved you are.

Have a look at our colour palettes to help you pick the most perfect keepsake. Take me to F&W colour palette page!

Please write the name and birthdate in the personalisation notes above. You can also preview the fonts below!

Hoorah mama you did it! Nine months of waiting and preparing for your littlest love to arrive and they are finally here. Are you sitting in the hospital bed smelling baby's sweet little head for the millionth time right now? maybe up on the baby feeding night shift and adding all the pretty things to your online shopping cart? or are you a super excited friend/family member and know how special this little keepsake would be to Mom and bub. Who ever you are, whatever your doing right now the answer is YES...yes this is everything you think it'll be, so so special and we love it here at F&W!

Plaques are made in dreamy collaboration between

~ Each floral piece is specially made just for you! There is a lot that goes into this dried floral gig, we need a little extra time to dry blooms right here in the F&W studios, and also to order in beautiful seasonal, dried flora from local growers based all throughout New Zealand!

What this means for you- Orders can take up to 4 weeks to create and send out/pick up. If you need something sooner then send through an email and let me know- I got you girlfriend! ~


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