Hello My Flower Honeys,

I’m Michelle, the hands behind Forrest & Wood, I’m also the face but until all of my children sleep through all of the night, you’re not going to see much of it.

So, I’m mom of three wicked cool kiddos, Pharaoh, Zephyr and my little Sundae Ray . We live in beautiful Southland in Otatara which is a few minutes from the beach and what feels like worlds away from the city, LUSH!

I had been studying for a hundred billion years (aka 6 years) before I found my groove and realised I was in love with flowers. After studying hairdressing and then  bachelor in Fashion and design I felt that they just didn't fit  right, this was completely confirmed when i started up in floristry. So here I am, I'm in love with what I do, I worked hard to get here and I come to you fully qualified baaaaby!

I’m super lucky to have some of nature’s best flora right at my doorstep. It has inspired me to use grasses, eucalyptus and rustic foliage as the backbone to most F&W creations. The raw beauty of foraged goods give oodles of texture, body and volume to floral creations. Also, let's be honest...flowers ain't cheap, so I try to give every installation, wreath, bunch and event designs a seriously scrummy base of nature's beachy best to bulk out your custom babe and get the most for your money.

So how does it all work over here? Where do your flowers come from and who the heck is F&W! I live in the forest... literally. I live in the middle of native New Zealand bush and am blessed beyond belief with a dreamy little studio to create from. I work with a mix of seasonal pre-dried flora that I order from small growers all round NZ (so cool to support local right!). I go to the local flower market for fresh blooms to dry myself throughout the studio.

I initially started as a fresh flower florist, but as time went on and babies were born I noticed that just wasn't my passion anymore and I could be so much more creative and offer a bunch more loveliness with dried blooms! Now that's all I can see myself doing and growing from.

Well that's Forrest & Wood, I'm so happy you found me! Because you're here, we must have the same interests right?

I love flowers. You love flowers. We’re perfect for each other!

Let's make some magic Baby!



this is me,this is for us

flowers from my heart to yours.