Yes and no. Yes if you have them in direct sunlight ( try to avoid this), they will fade and lose their vibrancy.

Show them off honey! Find a nice dry (the less humidity the better), warm and out of direct sunlight spot on your walls or in your home and let them be their beautiful best. We suggest you don't put next to your bed on your side table...let's just say early morning hitting snooze buttons and dried flowers in the way DO NOT mix, uh-ohh!  Keep them out of direct sunlight in low humidity.

Forrest & Wood dried florals will last for years if kept out of direct sunlight and in a low humidity environment. Give them a little dust off a couple times throughout the year with a feather duster and you'll be the best dried flower mama ever! 

I would say we can! go over to the contact page and let us know what you've dreamed up and we can see if it's possible.

YAS! You can add his to your order notes in the cart. Once something has been added to your cart there will be an order field appear and here you can enter your message 100%.

Wedding Florals

Contact me through the Wedding florals tab on the site, send through a message with the details and your ideas, we'll get back to you asap with instructions on how to send your special day blooms my way for a revamp!

When sending wedding florals we 100% recommend using a tract courier service...lord knows what can happen in the post and honeeeey we want those flowers to arrive safe and sound!

We send our blooms out in sturdy boxes and secure them into place to minimise movement whilst in transit. Don't worry girl we got this! 

Yes!  The beauty of our dried blooms is that they will store perfectly well in the boxes we send them out to you in.  With all the craziness of wedding plans and appointments, this is one thing you can definitely tick off your 'to do' list well ahead of time.

Congratulations! How exciting, let's make something incredible for you! All wedding flowers need to be dried for a minimum of 6 months before they can be sent to F&W to make into anything. You can find all the information on our Wedding Florals tab over on the website. Basically, hang them upside down from a small hook in the ceiling or in a corner somewhere in a dry, warm room out of the way. Then come find us in 6 months to start the magic!

We require at least 8 weeks notice if ordering dried wedding flowers. Get in contact by messaging us through the wedding florals tab on the website and we will have a talk and come up with the best plan to get you all sorted for your big day. Yay!


For now we only ship within New Zealand, We're constantly on the hunt for the packaging of all packaging to secure your floral goodies well enough to travel all the way around the world. Check back soon!

If you order an item that isn't personalised it will be sent out within 2-3 working days. for everything else please allow upto 3 weeks for it to be sent away for ordering (Love From Seventeen collab items), drying times, ordering in and shipping times. If you do require something urgently then let us know. Throughout New Zealand - some pieces are pick up only though such as Mirror Blooms + Lornas Wreath