Wedding Day Florals

Yaas Wedding Day, let's do this!


Ohh my goodness It's happening! it's all finally happening and i bet it feels as though you have everything in the world to organise right? Ohh honey let us help, you need dried flowers for your big day and you need them now!
Why do you need dried flowers? Because they are so on trend right now and for good reason!

Dried blooms last...well, forever! You don't need to worry about bumping them with all the hugs about to come your way, you don't worry about the heat on a hot summer day, you don't need to sacrifice your favourite bloom because its not in season and best of all because they are already dried, you can send them straight back to Forrest & Wood to recreate into Forever Florals like a Plaque or Globe!

Whether you want an arch of fluffy grasses and Proteas to stand under on a beach wedding, or maybe a bouquet of  moody reds and purples to suit your romantic theme, or even a crown with light, airy vibes of Gypsophila and white roses to sit on your head and match your flower girls.

Whatever you have dreamed up F&W will make it happen.

Get pinning on your Pinterest board and save up all the inspo you scroll past online, rip those pages out of wedding magazines and stuff them in your bag...bring them all with you and drop them on my workbench so we can get your Wedding Day mood board going and give you the day of all days!

Let's talk!