Wedding Bouquet Forever Florals


I choose you, and I'll choose you for ever and ever.

That magical day spent celebrating your love was the best day ever, how special to have found your best friend and now be spending the rest of your lives together. 

Do you want a Globe full of your dried blooms to sit on your coffee table? Or maybe a personalised Plaque with flowers to hang on the about both! Let me create an everlasting keepsake to remember the best day ever. Let's talk details, the options you can choose to have your bouquet made into are...

Large Globe

Wedding Name/Date Plaque 

Floral Hoop (in various sizes)

Wedding Day Bouquet Florals are really just mini restorations and recreations! I work very carefully to restore brittle, damaged and fragile dried flowers, I then make everlasting creations to honour your gorgeous day. 

There are a few things I need you to do before we can make some post wedding flower magic...

1. Have your wedding flowers tucked away safe and drying for at least 8 months.

2. I can generally work with what you have, but one full bridesmaid or bride bouquet gives me heaps to play with and I can get enough out to make a Wedding Plaque + Large Flower Globe. keep the rest, I only need a n absolute maximum of on bunch (unless we're making a wreath etc, but i'll let you know)

4. Have a sturdy box to send your special blooms to me in. Jam pack it with newspaper, tissue paper, bubble wrap...whatever you can find to keep them safe and sound on their journey to me. Mark the box with FRAGILE, excuse me courier but that's some seriously precious cargo right there!

5. Do you have something you want to include in your order? Maybe a strip cut off your wedding dress or could it be the ribbon your rings were tied together with? I can use it for the bow on your mini bouquet, how special is that!

Oh honey I can't wait to work with you and dream up ways to keep that special day lasting forever - contact F&W!

Talk soon

xx Michelle