Clip-On Fedora Flora

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Oh so your man thinks that flowers are just for the girls huh, think again Mr because do i have a treat for you!

Have a look at our colour palettes to help you pick the most perfect Fedora Flora.  Take me to F&W colour palette page!

I don't need to tell you how good your man looks in a hat, ya'll already know! So lets work on jhzooshing it up a bit with some dried floral goodness. These are just perfect for special events, fancy do's, weddings and family photos. He also cant complain that "its too much effort" Uh-Ahh honey... get a hat, get your Hat Florals and clip em on!

The Mens Flora's are designed in a more masculine style, rest assured males that we're not going to put you in a bunch of flowers around the boys and the best part is... they look incredible on women too ( if you want a girly one let me know in the notes!)
Each Fedora Flora comes attached to a clip to secure to a band, but incase your hat doesn't have one of there, a pin is included to secure it straight into the base.


~ Each floral piece is specially made just for you! There is a lot that goes into this dried floral gig, we need a little extra time to dry blooms right here in the F&W studios, and also to order in beautiful seasonal, dried flora from local growers based all throughout New Zealand!

What this means for you- Orders can take up to 5 weeks to create and send out/pick up. If you need something sooner then send through an email and let me know- I got you girlfriend! ~