The Big Globe

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I like my flowers to last forever. How about you?

Have a look at our colour palettes to help you pick the most perfect Globe.Take me to F&W colour palette page! 

Sitting all safe and pretty inside a glass dome are your new forever flowers. Choose the colour that best suits your style, think of what tones you have in your home or what would fit well next to your favourite piece of art, get dream'n!

The Big Globe is something special, jam packed with dried flora goodness! Biggie is use to being the talk of the room, some of her fav hangouts are... In the centre of the table with some candles about, nestled between some books about minimalist living on a bookcase, on top of a quiet cabinet nest to photos of loved ones and a TV remote or two. She loves to travel, you pick a spot!

~Each floral piece is specially made just for you! There is a lot that goes into this dried floral gig, we need a little extra time to dry blooms right here in the F&W studios, and also to order in beautiful seasonal, dried flora from local growers based all throughout New Zealand!

What this means for you- Orders can take up to 4weeks to create and send out/pick up. If you need something sooner then send through an email and let me know- I got you girlfriend! ~