The Whimsical Wand

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You don't need to believe in magic, you ARE magic baby girl.

What little girl doesn't want to dance around waving a magical wand and sprinkling fairy dust. Sorry, we cant help you with the clean up BUT here in the Forrest and Wood treehouse we can craft a beautifully magical keepsake wand for your little fairy to play pretend with. Our little helpers have gathered the prettiest dried flowers and materials. Little elves have lovingly sprinkled moon dust all over to make it all that little bit extra special for our fairy friends, your very own wand is waiting for you to take home and create magic with! 


~ Each floral piece is specially made just for you! There is a lot that goes into this dried floral gig, we need a little extra time to dry blooms right here in the F&W studios, and also to order in beautiful seasonal, dried flora from local growers based all throughout New Zealand!

What this means for you- Orders can take up to 4 weeks to create and send out/pick up. If you need something sooner then send through an email and let me know- I got you girlfriend!