Wedding Forever Florals ~ Your Own Flowers

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Take my flowers and give me all the pretty keepsakes!

This listing is for keepsakes made with your own dried wedding day flowers. Please read the Wedding Bouquet Forever Florals information page on how to get them ready for all the keepsake goodness. 

If ordering a Plaque, let me know in the personalisation notes box above if you would like it in light bamboo, dark bamboo or clear acrylic.

Please also write first and last names along with the wedding date in the personalisation notes, and you can preview the fonts below!

Congratulations you beautiful bride! So you just married your best friend, the big day is all over and the bills are paid, the honeymoons been gone and you're back home washing dishes and mowing lawns.. but you're MARRIED so it's all kind of a little bit magical right!

Hey what did you do with your flowers? Are they hanging somewhere nice and dry just waiting for someone to do something with them? Yes I think they are and here I am to save the flowery day!
Make your wedding day flowers into an everlasting keepsake. You have options too girl...

The Wedding Plaque- On your choice of plaque colour, your dried flowers sit beautifully in a mini bouquet above both of your names and wedding date.Every plaque comes with a pine stand.

The Wedding Globe- All the best parts of your bouquet are carefully picked out and arranged into a mini bunch that can be seen 360degrees! What ever you want, honey it's all there to remember and adore forever.  

If you would like top add pops of gold to your flowers, let me know in the personalisation box above.

A dreamy collaboration between


~ Each floral piece is specially made just for you! There is a lot that goes into this dried floral gig, we need a little extra time to dry blooms right here in the F&W studios, and also to order in beautiful seasonal, dried flora from local growers based all throughout New Zealand!

What this means for you- Orders can take up to 5 weeks to create and send out/pick up. If you need something sooner then send through an email and let me know- I got you girlfriend! ~

*Note that dark bamboo is difficult to photograph but is darker and more clear/easy to read in person. Plaque measures 20cm across.